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 07/23/2008 Opening of the Pinares motorway (Spain)

The motorway between Valladolid and Cuellar, with an investment of 96 million euros and a 35-year concession period, was opened in the presence of the President of the government of Castilla y León.

On 23 July the President of the government of Castilla y León opened the Valladolid-Cuéllar section of the regional motorway from Valladolid to Segovia, known as Autovía de Pinares.

The project includes the construction and operation of the Valladolid-Segovia motorway (CL-601), northern section, and the intersection with the CL-600, southern interchange for Cuéllar (link with the SG-205), with a length of 43.5 km and investment of 96 million euros.

The two key aspects in the motorway?s construction were road safety, with the most advanced systems, and sustainable development, with account being taken of environmentally sound principles both during the works and in the road?s entry into service.

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