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 11/25/2009 Awarded Ruta 5, Puerto Montt-Pargua (Chile)

Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, the ACS concessionaire company, was awarded the concession for ?Ruta 5 section Puerto Montt ? Pargua? via its local company Concesiones Viarias Chile. The project consists in the improvement, conservation and exploitation of Route 5, from Puerto Montt to the village of Pargua in the Lakes region.

The motorway is 55 kilometres long and it's located 1,050 kilometres south of Santiago and connects Puerto Montt with the access to the Isla de Chiloé, which is a tourist spot. The project includes financing, construction and operation as Direct Motorway Toll during a maximum of forty years.

Iridium presented the winning bid, requesting a subsidiary factor from MOP of 713,000 UF (approximately 19.5 million Euros). It is expected that the concession will commence in March of 2010.

Construction is to be executed by Dragados over a period of forty-five months. The official investmen budget is 113 million Euros (4,125,000 UF).


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