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 Company Profile

Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, S.A. is the ACS Group company which develops, finances, invests in, manages, operates, administrates, maintains, conserves, restores and equips all types of government concessions involving transport and public works infrastructure. Iridium manages more than 130 companies working in the construction/operation of various government concessions, making it the leader* in developing, financing, building and operating every type of infrastructure.

*Source: Public Works Financing 2017

Iridium manages various forms of Public Private Partnership, covering the entire value chain of the concession business.

 Our Vision

Iridium, the leader in the development, construction and management of all types of infrastructure, remains committed to development for society through the provision of public services, sharing the focus on customer service and a set of strategic values that boils down to solid management of the know-how acquired through experience, generation of return on assets managed and the commitment to aim for sustainable development.

 Our Mission

To meet the needs of our clients.
To maximise the return on resources employed.
To contribute to improving the society in which we live through sustainable development.
To establish the necessary channels for communication to be transparent and rigorous.
To create synergies with other ACS Group companies, local resources, clients and our partners.

 Our Values

Experience, providing a high-quality service for our clients, incorporating major technological advances.
Profitability as the guarantee for the future and as a tool to compensate shareholders for their trust and investment.
Trust, acquired with clients through long-term relationships and mutual familiarity.
Commitment to sustainable development, serving society efficiently and ethically, creating value for suppliers, clients, employees and shareholders.

 Competitive Factors

Technical excellence
  • Proven technical experience in executing and integrating the various assets of the infrastructure concession business in the areas of Transport and Public Facilities: development, planning, design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance.
  • Fostering innovation and employment in state-of-the-art technology.
  • Respect for the environment and adaptation of solutions based on short- and long-term requirements.
Financial excellence
  • Successful financing as a result of rigorous analysis of investments, which has enabled the company's growth strategy to be expanded and developed. This ability has received recognition and awards from various international publications specialising in infrastructure project financing.
  • Outstanding ability to obtain the resources required for Project Finance without recourse to shareholders, on competitive terms with a commitment to construction and long-term operation, using the technical solvency of the ACS Group companies as a foundation.
  • Development of innovative financial structures and wide-ranging use of financial instruments.
Management excellence
  • Active management of concessions under operation in order to optimise revenues, operational costs and the level of gearing.
  • Identification, evaluation and minimisation of each specific risk ľ allocating each one involved in construction and operation to the appropriate employee ľ through suitable contract structures that effectively manage and mitigate these risks.
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